Recyclestrip Solves Consumer Confusion Over Recycling and Assures End of Life.


Now for Folding Carton and Corrugated!

Fully committed to sustainability

Recyclestrip is an ingenious, patented solution that takes the confusion out of whether or not a box is recyclable. Its bold presence also communicates that the packager is fully committed to sustainability.

The Recyclestrip perforation can be placed at the bottom of any boxboard or carton during the manufacturing process. Recyclestrip makes it simple to recycle and unmistakably brands your company as a sustainability hero.

 It’s applicable to cereal boxes, as well as boxes for crackers, cookies, snack bars, cake/pancake mixes, 6, 8, 12+ drink and alcohol carrier stock cartons as well as a plethora of other boxes, such as corrugated boxes.




Now for Folding Carton and Corrugated!

Why Recyclestrip?

Recyclestrip is the answer for packaging product stewardship and extended producer responsibility (epr)

You are sending a physical, clear message that your company is concerned about sustainability.

Purchasing decisions are influenced most by end-of-life messages with an emphasis on disposal.

Your package will stand out on the store’s shelves or on the doorstep.

When the consumer is finished with the contents, he or she has a box with a recyclestrip in their hands, they simply pull the strip the box flattens and is ready to be placed in the recycling bin.

A simple perforation gets the job done!

Recyclestrip can be used for advertising or customer loyalty programs.

Recyclestrip makes recycling easy​

A tearaway strip that makes recycling easy and identifies the packager’s commitment to sustainability. For licensing rights and further information, contact [email protected]

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