Become the Leader in Corrugated and Folding Box Sustainability.


Easy as 1-2-3


Why Recycle Strip?

Smart design educates consumers and accelerates behavior change. Recycle Strip improves recycling rates and advances the circular economy

The Recycle Strip patent uses existing box manufacturing equipment.  Instantly become a sustainability leader in Folding Carton and Corrugated.

Recycle Strip puts producers ahead of the wave of pending Environmental Producer Responsibility laws.  EPRs are allready in effect in the UK and Canada—and laws are pending or passed in 24 states, covering a vast territory.

Recycle Strip sends a physical, clear message to regulators and consumers that your company is a leader in Environmental Responsibility.

Corporate Responsibility

Companies under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace sustainable processes can make a positive statement with Recycle Strip. It will be noticed by regulators, investors, advocacy groups, younger customers, and employees.

Stakeholder Pressure

Stakeholders today don’t take companies at their word. They want to know “how” they are being sustainable.

Uses Existing Technology

Recycle Strip leverages existing perforation capabilities in use during production today. So the cost to add Recycle Strip’s performation in negligible compared to other costly sustainable actions that require changes to material sourcing, equipment and operational processes.

Falling Recycling Rates

Cardboard recycling rates have historically enjoyed relatively high recycling rates. However, they are now falling just when packaging with ecommerce has soared. Transitioning away from plastics will further increase demand for paper products.

Consumer Buy-In

Recycle Strip ends consumer confusion over whether a package is recyclable. and helps consumers take action to recycle.

EPR Legislation

Recycle Strip helps avoid future costs that will be associated with tighter future regulation as suggested by new state EPRs and SEC carbon disclosure rules

Recycle Strip Makes Recycling Easy

Recycle Strip is an ingenious, patented solution that takes the confusion out of whether or not a box is recyclable.  It  is the first physical recycling application on a box or carton.  Consumers merely “rip the strip” at the bottom of the box and it flattens for recycling.

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