Recycle Strip can be applied to any folding carton. The consumer merely unzips the strip when it’s time to recycle. The box is flattened and can be added to the paper recycling bin along with the Recycle Strip.

The tear-away strip makes it absolutely clear that the box is recyclable. Thanks to the Recylestrip, the box folds flat, making it easy to lie flat in the recycling bin. From the package’s point of view, anything can be printed on the Recycle Strip explaining how it contributes to sustainable packaging

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Environmental Producer Responsibility laws are in effect in the UK and Canada—4 states have passed them in the US, and 20 more have been proposed within the US.  EPRs cover a VERY VAST territory so the laws can impact nearly anything from glass bottles to plastic bags, to shipping, to chemicals.  These laws and possible new laws will impact companies and hold them accountable. 


As we transition towards a low-carbon economy, paper based packaging is replacing many plastics as the more sustainable option.  Cardboard is attractive because it comes from a renewable resource and is highly recyclable.  Recycle Strip offers a simplified recycling solution that makes cardboard and folding carton packaging a much better solution to EPRs.

The cost is minimal. Recycle Strip leverages existing low-cost perforation technology—making implementation easy and inexpensive.  The added cost of adding a perforation is a one time cost of introducing a new blade to the production line. The ultimate user or users will be producing Recycle Strip in mass quantities, amortizing the cost over millions of containers.

Recycle Strip addresses consumer confusion over whether a package is recyclable and if it’s convenient to recycle.  More often than not, the package goes into the refuse bin. The chasing arrows have become part of the woodwork. Recycle Strip is the first physical recycling application on a box or carton.  Since it helps flatten the box, it also fits neatly into the recycling bin.

Furthermore, the ability of Recycle Strip to work on corrugated boxes addresses a major concern for shippers who are facing increasing scrutiny over packaging recycling rates.  Recycle Strip’s bold presence on a box is a statement of commitment to sustainability.


Besides the relatively low cost of adding a new blade to the production line, the rights to use Recycle Strip is a major marketing advantage over competitors.  It is a major point of purchase tool that tells consumers the product is recyclable.  It also shows the consumer that the packager is committed to sustainability. With the new stringent EPR laws, Recycle Strip offers an offramp to any additional taxes or penalties.

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