The Recycle Strip Gives Corrugated Boxes A Makeover

The corrugated box is a utilitarian dream. Lightweight, incredibly strong, and universally recyclable, it is the shipper’s choice to protect valuable merhandise. Yet for all its qualities, its bland color and typically monochromatic graphics make it a secondary consideration in today’s circular economy.
But armed with a Recycle Strip band, the corrugated box can make a bold statement for the shipper or box manufacturer that they are leaders in sustainability.

Why Recycle Strip is Ideal for Corrugated Boxes

  • Box manufacturers have a unique opportunity to brand their products adding text to the Recycle Strip band.
  • Business Partners are demanding sustainability and decarbonization standards from their vendors.
  • Consumers appreciate the convenience and notice the vendor’s environmental commitment.
  • Consumers and investors will reward companies that take action to be more sustainable.
  • Recycle Strip makes it absolutely clear that the box is recyclable. Rip the strip and the box flattens for the recycling bin. 49% of consumers do not know that boxes should be emptied and broken down for pick-up. 29% do not know how to properly break down and recycle extra-large boxes.*
  • Taking this clear and meaningful step now may preclude more costly steps to comply with upcoming regulations.
Recycle Strip is protected under US Patent Number US 8,881,969 B1. Interested parties should contact us.
**Based on a survey by The Paper and Packaging Board.
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