Recyclestrip can make you the leader in folding carton sustainability and visibility in the circular economy.

Acccording to the EPA’s latest numbers, paper containers and packaging, which is primarily folding cartons, has a paltry recycling rate of 20.8% even lower than plastic PET bottles. However, corrugated boxes have a 96.5% recycling rate nearly five times the rate of folding cartons. Due to consumer confusion, an alarming amount of cardboard cartons end up in the landfill.
Recyclestrip ends the confusion and puts the packager at the forefront of sustainability.
The patented strip was invented by recycling pioneer, Fred Prins.

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Fred Prins
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Fred Prins
Inventor & Founder

Fred Prins, has been in the industry since 1964. He invented Recyclestrip when he saw consumer confusion arise over what is and isn’t recyclable. Always a visionary;

His companies became leaders in processing recovered paper for municipalities, media giants and major corrugated box and folding carton manufacturers.

  1. When the post-consumer recycling era began, Prins founded the largest publicly traded recycling business in the country.
  2. He was named NJ Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst &Young and Merrill Lynch
  3. He founded Fiber Corporation of America which provided waste audits for major newspapers with the goal of increasing their recycling. The firm was acquired by Cellmark Corporation, a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate in the recycling and supply chain markets.
  4. He served as guest lecturer for 11 years on entrepreneurship at Stern (NYU Graduate School), Fordham Graduate Business Program, Brooklyn Polytechnical Institute.
Fred Prins
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Recyclestrip makes recycling easy​

The patented strip was invented by recycling pioneer, Fred Prins. It can be affixed to any folding carton or corrugated box.
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