The demand for sustainable packaging has never been higher

 Recyclestrip was invented for the benefit of both consumers and packagers.  It is an inexpensive and common sense addition to your packaging that removes any doubt that a box is recyclable. It is equally important that Recyclestrip can create tremendous marketing advantages for organizations that are first to market.

It is being initially offered to sustainability and packaging executives. The patent for Recyclestrip can be licensed for specific applications or exclusively. Its clearly identifiable strip becomes a badge of sustainability distinction for any package.

Current Recycling Rates

Folding Cartons
Corrugated Boxes
Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability executives at consumer goods companies have a golden public relations opportunity to introduce packaging that screams “recyclable and sustainable”.

Unique Selling Proposition

Recyclestrip offers C-suite executives and packaging engineers for major packagers a unique selling proposition to their customers and prospects

Nationwide Impact

Sustainability executives and private label packaging design executives at mass retailers have an opportunity to create a nationwide impact by requiring all paperboard packaging to include Recyclestrip.

It is our belief that the most efficient method of introducing this elegant solution to the consumer marketplace is through cooperation with progressive packagers, retailers, and consumer goods manufacturers.

Recyclestrip is protected under US Patent Number US 8,881,969 B1. We are offering numerous licensing options to qualified applicants. Interested parties should contact us.

Recyclestrip makes recycling easy​

A tearaway strip that makes recycling easy and identifies the packager’s commitment to sustainability. Contact us for licensing rights and further information, .
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